Mug DIY - You have to know

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What you have to know before buying glass

Here are things you have to know before buying glass, for health and saving a lot First, classified by material classification: 1. ordinary glass: That is, the traditional glass made mainly of common ordinary glass materials, including: 1. Na2SiO3 (sodium silicon glass) 2. SiO2 (quartz glass) 3. Na2O·CaO·6SiO2 (soda lime glass) 4. CaSiO3 (calcium silica glass) Their main components are silicate double salts, which are amorphous solids with a random structure. Of course, in the strict sense, all glass is neither crystalline nor non-existent because of the particularity of glass. Crystals, neither solid nor liquid, are a separate classification called glass). When a certain metal oxide or salt is added, the corresponding color will appear, which will become a colored glass. Mainly using a pressing process (those with a thick bottom, a string of letters and numbers at the bottom of the cup are mostly ordinary glass made by a pressing process) and an iron pipe blowing pr

Glass mugs off Satisfied!

I'll chip in words of mugs i bought from (actually, the site is under development now and i got info from her Facebook: ). This is what i have... Two mugs for my best friend Maggie and myself...looks good! The item comes to my end for 5 days. Everything is good incl. The box come with a mug. Each mug is packed individually in a box. Each mug has a spoon for use. Usually, I use it to add sugar to your tea and coffee and stir it thoroughly with ease and style. The spoon is stainless and it can withstand the temperature of hot drinks, so  no worries to use it, even if the beverage is boiling hot! I have to say, it's the most beautiful coffee mug I've ever seen. It can even be used as a decorative piece for your kitchen and house I think.   The design and quality satisfy me. The glass cups are handmade by skillful professional craftspeople (thinking they are really good at details) . But I was told that, since all

Mug Halloween 2018 - Walking Death

Help please. What's the unique Halloween gift for my boy friend? Do you have any good ideas? Replied by : You can design a unique mug as a gift if time permits Or if time is limited, Mug with walking dead is your way to go. < source:

Cheap white mug to DIY, where to?

There are hundreds of white ceramic mugs in the markets, some good but some not. To make your own mug yourself, you have to choose a good one that is write-able or draw-able, coz not all white mugs can get along well with paint or mug pens. Here I will tell you how to tell if your mug is good for DIY. There are specialized mug used for DIY only. You can write quotes or draw anything you like on it. Note that:  The surface cannot be so smooth! If so, it’s not easy to get it painted and colored. You can touch the  mug yourself when you go shopping in the supermarket or check it with the customer service staff when you’re gonna to buy it on the web (In , each mug for DIY is marked. Feel easy to make your purchase!) For some (toooo rough), you even can hear the  sound of foam friction Besides, it’s important to have a functional pens or paint suitable for making a mug. Btw, you can buy a kit with a white mug  and pens. It will help you save a lot  src:  http:/

DIY Mug at

Image is aimed to help you guys to make your own coffee mugs or tea cups. Things can be found there: 1. Mug DIY package: white mug + mug pen to write or draw 2. Ceramic mugs (bone china) function: coffee mug, tea cup, moscow mule mug, travel mug, mug set, etc. size: small, large, tall, oversized mugs color: white, red, black, colorful mugs and color change mugs by heat 3. Hot mugs such as photo mugs, mugs with quotes. couple mugs... Important: you can also use get mugs made of wooden, bamboo, eco plastic (wheat straw, corn stalk), copper, steel stainless, glass (tumbler) at